Over the past 10 years Abriendo Puertas has flourished into the “Recognized Neighborhood Resource Center” offering an array of services for the community’s children, youth and families. Our partnerships and collaborations with many other agencies allow us to develop and improve our programs based on input from the community and program participants.








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    Training designed to get the skills and knowledge necessary to enter or re-enter the workforce and become economically self-sufficient.

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     Conducted by certified staff of Miami Senior Adult Education Center  in alliance with Abriendo Puertas. The ESL curriculum taught (English As A Second Language) is the same one offered in the Miami-Dade School System. Students attend daily classes for 4 months, are tested at the end of the course and if they pass are able to register for more advance courses to become proficient in the English language.

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     A basic computer course offered to persons over 17 years old who are looking for personal and professional improvement and hence a better quality of life. This course provides the participants with basic knowledge and the necessary tools to start using computer technology at home and at work. Some of the areas covered include:

  • Basic knowledge of hardware and software
  • How to use the Windows operating system
  • Computer based typing skills
  • How to create letters and documents using Microsoft Word
  • How to prepare a Résumé
  • How to use and navigate the internet
  • How to search for and use the resources available on the Internet

     This course is an invaluable tool for those seeking self-improvement, needing employment or wanting find a better paying job.

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         In conjunction with the Leadership Training, Adult Life Skills classes are offered to provide families adaptation and socialization activities.

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             As part of our network of alliances with various organizations, Abriendo Puertas can help with referrals to agencies specialized in locating jobs, counseling and even comprehensive job training programs.



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         Child care is available at no cost to any person attending any trainings, seminars or other activities at Abriendo Puertas


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        Abriendo Puertas offers the community an array of clinics workshops and seminars on various health related issues that are both educational and preventative. Among the topics covered are HIV education and prevention, diabetes, cholesterol, CPR training and depression. In addition every month a Mobile Clinic visits our center providing check ups and free vaccination to the children in our community up to the age of 4 years.


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Legal and Immigration Assistance

     Legal and immigration assistance is available at no cost from Abriendo Puertas in partnership with FIAC, Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center. Family law and other legal matters are available in cooperation with the Legal Aid Society. 

     Please call 305-649-6449 to make an appointment for this free legal service.

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Leadership Training

These seminars are designed to help the adults in our community to become the best they can be, by understanding their emotional make up and the extenuating factors that prevent them to perform at their best. By promoting good habits, discipline, social skills, self sufficiency and a deep sense of personal responsibility, people achieve the mindset that leads to success in life.


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Personal Growth Seminars 

               In addition to the leadership training classes, Abriendo Puertas offers to the families of our communities a series of specific seminars designed to help with some of the important issues for a successful life in the United States. Some of the topics include: “How to handle and manage your credit” and “How to buy a house”, among others.


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       Various activities are planned through the year for parents to participate with their children. These include holiday celebrations, meals, picnics and occasional field trips where parents are asked to participate. The recently created PAP (Parents o Abriendo Puertas) plans many of these events.



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Positive Action

          Positive Action is a nationally recognized program designed to improve academic success, behavior and character development. For over 25 years the goal of this program has been to foster success and happiness in families, school and communities through teaching positive actions in the physical, intellectual, social and emotional aspects of life. Positive Action utilizes an age-appropriate curriculum for grades K-12 developed to improve society by educating and motivating everyone to do positive actions that lead to success and happiness.

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Emergency Food Assistance



        Any family or individual from the community facing a financial crisis or a temporary emergency can visit Abriendo Puertas for help with food items. If the emergency continues, they can register to participate in our bi-weekly USDA food distribution program.




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Bi-Weekly USDA Food Distribution

       Abriendo Puertas distributes every two weeks USDA food to registered residents in our community. To qualify for this government sponsored food assistance program it is necessary to meet one of the following requirements:

  • You must be a low income family according to the established guidelines for the number of individuals in the household.
  • Families receiving food stamps.
  • Families receiving (T.A. N. F.) Temporary Assistance to Needy Families.
  • Families receiving SSI or Medicaid
  • Families residing in any type of Government Housing or covered under a Government plan for housing assistance.

       Any interested family or individual should call 305-649-6449 to find out if they qualify for this program.

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Information And Referrals
          As a comprehensive Community Resource Center, Abriendo Puertas partners with a vast network of organizations providing all types of community services. Whatever your need might be, Abriendo Puertas can help you either within our center, by providing the necessary information or by a referral to another organization that can best meet your needs.


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