Being an effective parent means being an informed parent and that requires knowledge and skills that work in todayís world. Our parenting classes teach:

  • Times have changed and our children face more challenges at earlier ages. Children are increasingly subject to negative outside influences, and media and technology leave an indelible imprint on childrenís minds and morals at a very early age.
  • We know more about child development and itís stages and the positive and negative influences on brain development and the importance of establishing healthy patterns and routines at an early age.
  • It is easier to establish healthy family routines early than to undo years of unhealthy or ineffective patterns later on.
  • Research shows that there is a strong link between parent education, parent involvement, and school success.
  • Being a parent never ends. Even parents of adolescents and teens can learn strategies to be more effective.

        These parenting classes are offered under a grant from The Childrenís Trust Promotion and Prevention Program.