A Message from the Executive Director

Dr. J.C. De La Torre, CEO/Executive Director

        From a very early age, I realized that everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. A hand that would turn the key to the door of hopes, opportunities and the future. Some of us are fortunate to have had parents, relatives or friends open that door for us. Others…need a helping hand. 

         As the Executive Director of Abriendo Puertas (Opening Doors) it is my privilege to serve the needy children and families of our community of Miami-Dade County. It is an awesome responsibility to keep on opening doors that would allow them to enhance their quality of life so that they, in turn can keep on opening doors to others.

     As the CEO I manage and oversee all of our programs and make sure that everything we do adheres to the highest standards of excellence. As a human being I congratulate the staff, the counselors, the volunteers and our supporters that work so hard for our clients; they are responsible for making Abriendo Puertas such a great organization! 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Let’s keep on opening doors!

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A Message from the Operations/Office Manager


Since I came to Abriendo Puertas a year and a half ago, my life has been filled with challenges, responsibilities and many memories. It is certainly a challenge to manage, on a daily bases, the people and operations of the agency to insure maximum results. My responsibilities extend far beyond my job description. Although we are truly a team at Abriendo Puertas, I feel a personal responsibility every time I see a child or a needy family in our center seeking the help they need to improve the quality of their life and I say to myself “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me”.

Mrs. Rosy Alvarez,
Operations/Office Manager

        Undoubtedly the memories are my strongest driving force and my biggest rewarding experience. As an immigrant and a mother I know what a center like Abriendo Puertas mean for the children and families of our community. The children benefit from being in a safe and secure environment where they get the help they need to become “all they can be” as well as the mental attitude necessary to become winners in life. Their families are given the tools they need to get ahead and improve the quality of their lives as they travel the road towards their “American Dream”. How I wished my family and I would have had that opportunity when we came to this country.

        Abriendo Puertas is not my job. It is my humble privilege to be a part of an organization that “builds bridges” between a difficult and hopeless past and a bright and reachable future. I thank every employee, volunteer and supporter that makes it possible.

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A Message from the Program Coordinator -
Child and Youth Development

 Program Coordinator-Child and Youth Development

    While we do provide many of the conventional activities expected from an after school program, and others that are slightly less conventional, we offer our children so much more.

     The majority of our participants come from low-income, single-parent homes.  This means they are at risk for gang-related activities and higher dropout rates, among other things.  Abriendo Puertas and its staff provide these children with a safe haven from the harsh realities of living in the communities we serve.

      The staff at Abriendo Puertas goes above and beyond the call of duty everyday not only to assist in the academic success and achievement of our participants, but also play a role in raising their self-esteem and build a strong character to face the real world. 

       We strive to be positive role models for our children in the hope that we may play a small part in molding their lives in a positive fashion.  In the long run, attending an after school program, which provides encouragement and support, may mean the difference between a future college graduate and a high school drop out.

       Heading this program isn’t merely a job; I view it as a fulfilling career choice, that although it requires great dedication and hard work, allows me the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the life of each child at our program, as well as, society as a whole.

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A Message from the Volunteers and
Civic Engagement Coordinator

        Since arriving from my native Puerto Rico 15 years ago I have dedicated my life to serve the community of Little Havana. The passion for my work and the tireless efforts shown are certainly a source of joy and pride in what I have been able to accomplish.  

        My affiliation with Abriendo Puertas dates back to 1995 as a member of the founding Board of Directors. Three years later, I joined the staff of the organization as a Volunteers Coordinator. Since then, I have coordinated the intake of new families, the food stamps program and USDA food distribution program. It has been a challenge and a joy to see the organization developed thru different stages, learn about cultural diversity and getting to know the families we served all this years.

Mrs. Flor D. Morales,
Coordinator of Family Support Services

 I feel honored to represent Abriendo Puertas and to continue doing my part so we can keep on growing as an agency and as a community.

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