More than 15,000 Miami-Dade County children have parents in jail or in state or Federal prisons -- parents whose actions have left their children with a confusing and uncertain example of what it means to be an adult. Incarceration has severe unseen consequences for families and children.

          Research shows that children of incarcerated parents are much more likely than other children to become delinquent and to engage in antisocial behaviors.

          The goals of this program are:

  • To identify the children of inmates in need of support, assess their needs and link them with the appropriate service organizations. 

  • To strengthen the bonds between children and their caregivers, including the incarcerated parent(s) when appropriate and between the children and their service providers. 

  • To mitigate childhood trauma cause by arrest of parents and other significant caregivers by engaging law enforcement, social services and the public in understanding the needs of children. 

  • To increase the likelihood of successful reunification with incarcerated parents and/or parents who are re-entering the family and community after serving their sentences.

  • To raise community awareness and knowledge through advocacy about children of inmates and their needs. 

* For more information about this program, please call 1-877-KIDS (5427)
 or visit

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